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Gerald Scarfe автор рисунков для анимации в фильмк Алана Паркера “the wall”, снятый на музыку одноименного альбома группы Pink Floyd

Gerald Scarfe автор рисунков для анимации в фильмк Алана Паркера “the wall”, снятый на музыку одноименного альбома группы Pink Floyd.

The Marching Hammers

The Beatles

Margaret Thatcher – Top Bitch

President Putin of Russia and China’s incoming leader, Xi Jinping, refuse to back the United Nations Resolution condemning President Assad of Syria’s actions.


A wonderful new print of one of the original drawings that was projected onto Pink Floyd’s famous circular screen in early days

The Wall Tour 2010-11: The Teacher.

The Wall Tour 2010-11: Mother

One of Gerald's first illustrations of the main protagonists from The Wall.

Gerald's new illustration done for Roger Waters tour.

The well known Leaf Man sequence from Wish You Were Here showing the tumbling leaf turning into the tumbling man.

Comfortably Numb. Gerald’s interpretation of Comfortably Numb. As a child he suffered from awful nightmares that his hands were swelling and growing, becoming thicker and clumsier. Later Roger said he also suffered from the same dreams. Hence the lyric, ‘my hands felt just like two balloons’.

The gargantuan Judge looms over the arena as the Prosecuting Counsel presents his case

Anzio Bridgehead. Drawn for the film, this is the start of the story - the front line of the Anzio Bridgehead, in 1944, where Roger’s father was killed.

The Stuker Dives. This is a drawing made in Dortmund during the playing of The Wall. Roger commented that Gerald used artistic licence as the plane actually crashes through the specially designed hole to the right of the wall in the picture.

The Flowers cell. A close up of the famous animation sequence of the flowers.

Hammers & Judge. As the hammers march, the gigantic Judge dwarfs a frightened Pink.

The Wife’s Shadow Looms. The shadow of the Wife looms large over a terrified Pink.

The Teacher. The Teacher walls up the innocent children.

The Flowers Sequence.

The Alien Landscape. The painting showing Pink sitting beneath the standard lamp in front of a blank TV screen in a disturbed, alien landscape.

The Frightened Ones. The original drawing for the Frightened Ones, with their gas mask heads.

The Scream. When Alan Parker saw Gerald’s frenzied drawing of the screaming head he said “That’s the poster for the film without any doubt”. This is now one of the most iconic symbols of the film.

The Marching Hammers.

The Characters.

Pink Floyd The Wall-The Teacher & Mincer.

The Wife.

The Judge and Pink

Mother with Pink

Hammer and Sky

Scorpion Wife & Pink


Pink Floyd: The Group. This drawing resulted from sketches Gerald made during early meetings with the band, and was produced for the programme on their Wish You Were Here tour in 1974.

Princess Diana: Live By The Sword Di By The Sword. The Princess of Wales was constantly hounded by the press. But did she sometimes encourage them? This illustration was made for Gerald’s book and exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, London in 2003, Heroes & Villains.

Hugh Grant: Looking Divine or Looking For Divine. Published in The New Yorker magazine on 24th July 1995. Grant had been arrested in Los Angeles for soliciting a prostitute called Divine.

Prince Charles: Genetically Modified Weed. rince Charles has a reputation for talking to the flowers in his organic garden. This drawing is featured in Gerald Scarfe’s book, Drawing Blood.

The Beatles. This drawing is from Gerald’s book and exhibition, Heroes & Villains, at the National Portrait Gallery London, in 2003.

The Rolling Stones. In 1994 the New Yorker Magazine sent Gerald to Wembley Stadium for the Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge Tour and make a drawing for the magazine. When Mick Jagger saw it he asked for it to become a Stones T-shirt

Bob Dylan. This illustration was commissioned by Mojo Magazine and used on the cover.

Ozzy Osbourne. Drawn in 2003 for a feature in the New Yorker Magazine. (


President Putin of Russia and China's incoming leader, Xi Jinping, refuse to back the United Nations Resolution condemning President Assad of Syria's actions.

On the weekend of the Eurovision Song Contest, IMF chief Angela Lagarde is unimpressed with Prime Minister David Cameron's plans to try and avoid a double dip recession in the UK.

Rupert Murdoch is questioned at the Leveson enquiry about his relationship and influence on Prime Ministers past and present.

France's new President, Francois Hollande, meets Germany's Angela Merkel to discuss their differing solutions to the European economic crisis.

The leaders at the G8 summit debate how to save Europe and the Euro

Angela Merkel keeps a wary eye on the Greek elections, aware that Germany may have to bail Greece out again

As the United Kingdom celebrates the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, David Cameron and George Osborne execute a number of embarrassing U-turns

David Cameron tries his best to persuade Alex Salmond to keep Scotland as part of the United Kingdom

Stalin-New Heart. Published on 30 August 1968. The late Josef Stalin, General Secretary Brezhnev and Premier Kosygin. The invasion of Czechoslovakia.

Ian Smith. Published on 15 March 1968, this graphic drawing shows the cruelty of the leader of the then Rhodesia, Ian Smith.

Denning Is Served. Published on 20 September 1963. The drawing depicts Lord Denning delivering his report on the case of the ‘headless man’ to Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The Duchess of Argyle had been photographed administering oral sex to a man whose head had been cropped from a photograph. Who was he? And was he a member of the government?

Winston Churchill. on 5 February 1965. The drawing was originally commissioned by the Times. Gerald sketched him from the public gallery in the House of Commons. He was shocked to see how he had deteriorated from the British Bulldog Churchill everyone knew. The Times refused to print the drawing because it would upset Churchill’s wife, Clemmie. Gerald had told the story to Peter Cook, who remembered it when Churchill died, and ensured it was used by Private Eye.

Harold MacMillan. This illustration was originally published inside an issue of Private Eye magazine in 1963. It marked the beginning of an era. It depicted the then Prime Minister, Harold MacMillan perched on an Arne Jacobson chair, naked and parodied the iconic photograph of Christine Keeler during the Profumo scandal. Cartooning of this audacity opened the way to others and liberated many who had not dared to go this far before. The drawing was reproduced on cover of the Private Eye Annual later that year and the Annual was then banned from four of Britain’s biggest book sellers including W.H. Smith.

Wilson right behind Johnson. Published on 30 April 1965, Gerald’s original version had Harold Wilson’s tongue up Lyndon Johnson’s bottom but Private Eye editor Richard Ingrams thought it a bit much. So this is the censored version.

Margaret Thatcher – Top Bitch. Drawn for Private Eye Magazine when Margaret Thatcher won the Conservative Party leadership contest.

British Prime Ministers: Set of 6 Prints.

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